Let’s Have Fun with Easy Nail Art Designs for Kids

Everybody wants to be beautiful. It is true that there are many ways to be beautiful. One of them is painting your nail. As you may have known, there are many kinds of nail painting. It is OK if you just want to polish your nail with a particular color. On the other hand, it is also nice if you want something more than polishing your nail. It is the time for you to be creative. Adding more colors and patterns to your nail will bring out the beauty and absolutely will get the most attention

That is why we have nail art. Nail art is the way you design and paint your nails with different patterns and colors. It is up to you what you want to paint in your nail. In fact, it is the way where you can use your nail as the canvas and you are the artist. Most people usually hair nail painter or just go to the beauty salon to get their nails painted. However, you cannot deny that the cost is not cheap. People can spend hundreds of dollars just to paint their nails. If you want something affordable, you can start designing the pattern and painting your own nails. It is not that hard if you know how.

There are many designs that you can choose or that you can match with your personality. Easy nail art designs for kids here indeed are for kids. Or, these can also be used if you are the beginners and you want something easy to begin with. Or, you can use these designs simply if you want to be back to your colorful childhood. Here are some ideas that you can apply.

Simple Necklace Pattern

This is a very simple way to start your easy nail art design for kids’ creation. First, paint your nails in any color you like; do an American manicure. American manicure is actually like French manicure, but way more natural. After that, just let it dry. Next, choose a pink paint and paint a long oval shape diagonally in the center of your nail. After the oval shaped has been created, at the top of it, you can paint two wavy lines from the top edge of the oval. Last, pick a white paint and create another smaller long oval shape inside the first bigger oval.

Yummy Snack

If you want something more colorful and cheerful in easy nail art design for kids, you can start painting your nail with this design. First, pick a red paint and color your nails with it, let it dry. Second, pick a light brown paint and create a half-circle shape at the top area of your nail. Third, pick a dark brown paint and create a thick line along the straight line of the aforementioned half-circle shape. This is supposed to be the patty of a hamburger. Fourth, pick again the light brown paint and create thicker below the first line. This is supposed to be the bottom half of the burger.

Let’s Have Fun with Easy Nail Art Designs for Kids1

Fifth, choose black paint. In this step, you need a toothpick to create the dots. Using the toothpick, now you should create three or four small dots inside the half-circle shaped. This is supposed to be the seeds on a hamburger. Next, choose a green paint and create the thin line between the dark brown line and the half-shaped one. This is supposed to be a lettuce. Now, you are ready to rock the world with your mouth-watering nail art! If you want other easy nail art designs for kids in yummy shapes, you can create other simple shapes like slice of pizza, hotdog, or a glass of milkshake.

Clouds and Rainbow

One of easy nail art designs for kids that may be perfect for you if you want something cheerful is clouds and rainbow. First, paint your nail with light blue color and let it dry. After that, we can begin from your forefinger. Pick white nail paint and start creating some clouds. Making clouds in your nail is not that hard. You just have to be sure that the brush you are using is pointy enough to create wavy lines creating a cloud-shaped ones. Start from the top right of the nail, and continue in the middle left, and end it in the bottom right.Clouds and Rainbow nail

After that, we can move to middle finger. Prepare purple, deep blue, green, yellow, and red nail painting. First, create a thick diagonal line from a few millimeters from the left side of the nail and end it in a few millimeters above the left side of the nail in purple color. Next, create another thick line above the purple line with deep blue paint. Remember, this is supposed to be rainbow. That is why you have to keep layering the line until all of the colors aforementioned have been used.


Next, we move to the ring finger. This is actually a rainbow pattern like in your middle finger, but this time you can add another cloud in it. First, create a cloud at the bottom of your nail. Make sure that you only paint a small cloud. After that, use a toothpick to create the eyes and mouth of the cloud. Pick the black paint and make two dots for the eyes and pick red paint to create its mouth by making a curvy line. Next, at the top of the cloud, you can start creating some layers of color aforementioned to create a rainbow.

And in the little finger, you can create another cloud design like you did in the forefinger. However, since the nail of the little finger is smaller than in the fore finger, then you should create only two clouds instead of three.

From the explanation above, now you know that easy nail art designs for kids are indeed easy. Do not be afraid to play with colors. This is the time for you to have fun!

Easy Nail Art Tutorials for Coloring Your Day

Easy nail art tutorials are making the nail art, which is very easy about the step to polish your nails. Especially for the girl, they always want to beautify themselves; they do anything so they are different with other girl. With the nail art, they can make anyone pay attention about their nail, especially if they create interesting look on the nails. Nail art is an activity creates the design in the nails and it is fun and easy to do. It is fun because you can do it at home; in your rest time, nail art is not an activity that is needs your hard thinking and hard work. The nail art is fun because you can create beautiful look in your nails easily and with an easy step you do the nail art with happy.

Easy nail art tutorials will help to make your nails is much cut, fun, and because its easy step, it is only need a little time to do. It may something new from you but you can do the nail art with easy step. Of course, to do it, you need to look for the tutorials that are easy for you to do. If you still the beginners there are many tutorials with the picture inside so it easier you to do the nail art. You get the tutorial from beauty magazines that sometimes write an article about the nails. Alternatively, you may get it from the internet. Internet is big and very great sources to search Easy nail art tutorials. There are files, pictures and the videos about the nail art included its tutorial. If you have a friend that is able to do the nail art, you can ask her a help on how to design the nail in easy way. Ask your friend for not only give you the tutorials but also the tips in doing the nail art. It bet that your friend would happy to help you because she gives you something useful that you will love it.

Easy Nail Art Tutorials for Coloring Your Day

No skills needed simply to design the nail art. Easy nail art tutorials are the ideas that actually easy to paint your own nail. You can realize just how easy the ail art even you are the first time to do it. It does not need your knowledge and your ability in paint something but when you do the nail art, it need your patient because you will apply the art on your nail, you paint your little part of your body to create interesting look, the ideas to beautify your fingernails or toenails.

There are dozens choices about the tutorial it depend on how will you design your nail. There are easy, creative, crazy, or it is fun, quick, and easy ideas of the nail art. The more you learn and do the nail art, you can be an expert in doing the nail art while it is enhance your skill level in doing the nail art. You must try the nail art because it is fun, simple and creative activity. Easy nail art tutorials to try is a great idea colorful your nail and it will colorful your day.

Steps to Have Easy Nail Art Designs on Your Own at Home

Why women seem to be really concerned about their appeal? Why do they seem to be really immersed in the efforts to make sure that they can have such great appeal? Why are they willing to spend a lot of money, energy, and also time to deal with their appeal? Well, there is only one answer to those questions: it is all related to the nature of the women. It is not a secret that the women really love to dress up and put some makeup. It is because they like to have nice appeal. It has become the part of their nature and there is nothing they can do about it. Whenever they have already been confident with their appeal, there is no way for the other things to ruin the pleasure and satisfaction they achieve. And yes, like what has been stated before, the women are really willing to do anything to make sure they can have such nice appeal. One of the things they do is to pay attention to the details that are related to their look. Even for the small and simple things, if they know that they can boost their appeal if they take care of those things, they are going to do something with it. Just take the example of the nail art.


Yes, at this recent time, it is really easy for us to find the women to wear nail art. The nail is not only a kind of “accessory” for the finger but it can also be the thing to beautify the finger and also the hand if the nail is treated properly. There is no way for the women to expect to have such stunning appeal if the nail is dirty and is not taken care of properly. Nail art is one of the solutions to maintain the condition of the nail and at the same time, beautify it. Whenever you are interested to have such nail art, what you should do is usually to go to the beautician or nail salon. Yes, you can really have your nail done there. However, you should also notice that basically, you can deal with nail art on your own and you can do it at home. Therefore, it can be more cost effective and it will also be more convenient for you. Here, you are going to learn about easy nail art designs step by step. You are highly recommended to carry on reading because the steps will be really easy to follow and the result can be really stunning.Easy Nail Art Designs

Things You Need

Before we talk even further about the steps, you need to know about the things that you need to prepare first. You need to have some various shades of nail polishes. For the choices, well, it is totally up to you. Then, you should also prepare paint brush and make sure it is thin enough. Some cello tape is needed and you can also use scotch tape. A pair of scissors should be around you. And lastly, you need to get band aid in round shape especially if you intend to do circle or semi-circle design.

Let’s Start with the Steps

Alright, let’s start with the easy nail art designs step by step. The very first foundation in doing nail art is to make sure that your nails have been manicured first. The point is to make sure that the result will be really pretty later on. Then, you should determine the design that you want to apply. For this matter, you can try to seek from various sources like to use the help from some magazines or you can browse online. Capture the images from the sources and you can start practicing to shape the design right away. The way how you can deal with the practice is actually easy because it is similar to drawing. Use some drawing pens and draw the design on a piece of paper. Make sure you are used to the design before you apply with the real nail art. It is a good idea for you to deal with the practice like you are applying the nail art for sure so you can adjust yourself to the size and also the shape properly and accurately.

The next of easy nail art designs step by step is apply the foundation of the nail art. Normally, you might like to use some neutral colors of the nail polish. The point in doing so is to give some kind of foundation to the nail polishes which are going to be applied later on. By doing so, you are also going to make sure that the nail art can last longer.

Remember that you have practiced on a piece of paper. It is the time for you to apply the design on your nail. Whenever you are painting your nails, you should do it as fast as possible. The main reason is because the nail polish is going to dry really quickly. What if you make mistakes whenever you are applying the nail polish? You can try to use Q-tip and nail polish remover. Make sure the remover is applied properly so the nail will be free from the nail polish completely before you can start again.

Whenever you have been really satisfied with the nail art that you do to your nails, you can try to apply some finishing. There are so many alternatives for you to do like to apply the transparent colored nail polish to coat the nail art so it will be more durable or you might want to apply some glitters too. Just make sure you are careful enough whenever you are doing your activities so you will not damage the nail art. It is a good thing for you to wear some gloves whenever you are doing something which might damage your nail art. By applying the easy nail art designs step by step as mentioned before, you are going to be able to show your beautiful and appealing nails to the other people. You can see how your confident will be boosted once you have done the painting to your nails.Easy Nail Art Designs1

Easy Nail Art Designs Step By Step, Do It Yourself

Easy nail art designs step by step is needed if you want to do it by yourself, do the nail art applying in your nail. You may think if you go to the beauty salon, you must go with the money to purchase the cost for the beauty salon because they help you to create interesting design in your nail. You want to create the nail art because of some reason but the main reason is you want to create a beauty pointed in your nails. For sure, your nails are interesting look to see so you can show off your nails to others. You may do this because you want to attract your couple to amaze with the beauty in your finger. There is many more reason you do the nail art.

Easy Nail Art Designs Step By Step, Do It Yourself1

The nail art is hold out in some days but if you want to change your nails every day, it might be bad if you always come to the salon. You purchase the money every day. Therefore, Easy nail art designs step by step is very good choice. By this you can do the nail art at home, and the money you consume to pay the beautician can be saved for any other use. Then, to do the nail art you only need useful tools so you can do the nail art easily. To polish your nail, of course you must prepare the nails polish. It is good if you have collections about the nail polish so you do not, need to go to the stores to buy the polish and you can make a mix and match about the polish to design the nail.

Easy Nail Art Designs Step By Step, Do It Yourself

Before you do the nail art, do not forget to search the source on how to do Easy nail art designs step by step. It is your instructions that will you followed. You must understand the step before you polish your ail. What have to do from the beginning until it finished in polishing your art even it is Easy nail art designs step by step. You must follow the instructions carefully. If you miss some step, it may give badly in your nail. Step by step is also including the image so it wills easier you to do the nail art. Make sure it is with clear picture so you will never miss the detail of the step.

First step is preparing your nails; make sure you clean your nails before. You can cut and make a trim in your nails. After that, paint the base color in your nails. Make sure you choose the right color that is appropriate with your nail. Only by follow the instruction, you can get the nice and beautiful design and without the help from anyone now you can do the nail art. Easy nail art designs step by step is also included the design creating your nails with some effects such as apply the glitter and jewels, blended colors, polka dots and other gorgeous effect.